A picture of the board itself

The Northbridge is actively cooled and not everyone will like the noise produced by the 40mm fan, but it does get a little too hot for my liking in 3D mode. The
VRM and the MOSFETs also have a big heatsink slapped onto them, as they do get a tad hot after a
few hours of operation.

The PCI-E x16 slot and the PCI slot

The Broadcom Gigabit Lan solution sitting on the PCI-Express bus

A look at the shuttle SilenX 240W power supply; our unit has no
problem powering up our test configuration, consisting of an Athlon 64 3800+
and a Geforce FX 6800GT.

A shot of the ICE heatsink used in the ST20G5, the same ICE heatsink
used for the SN95G5

The copperbase

The 92mm fan used for the heatsink, a Shuttle 0.56A fan, once
again, similar to the one used in SN95G5