The max FSB available, IMHO, it’s a bit sloppy for an A64 board and I had no
problems hitting the ceiling in the overclocking section in the later part of
this article.

The Vcore options, and 1.7V is perhaps the maximum you would want to go with
the cooling solution that the SFF offers.

The Chipset voltage options

The VDIMM voptions, 2.9V is pretty standard with Shuttle SFFs

The fan options available, Shuttle has taken extra efforts to come up with
fan settings to suit each individual better.

The RAM timings, pretty standard for a SFF. Do note that the ST20G5 allows
you to toggle between 1T and 2T CMD, and some other SFFs like the SB77G5 and
the SN25P do not. The CMD rate gets stuck at 2T instead.

The advanced chipset options. Surroundview is disabled because no ATI graphics
card is plugged in.

Surroundview enabled after we plugged a X700Pro in.