The SB75G2 supplied to us came with an unlabelled PSU. What
was good was that the PSU had one SATA power connector. This is especially
useful for people who are running SATA devices and this will eliminate the
need for them to buy a molex to SATA power converter.


I emailed Shuttle tech support for more info on the specs of
the PSU and was promptly told that the SB75G2 will ship with a 220W PSU.
Apparently, there will be 2 different models of the 220W PSU and depending on
availability, users will get either of the two models pictured above. (Pics
provided by Shuttle Taiwan)


Different views of the side with the case cover, fan shroud
and heat pipe removed.


The floppy header is located right under the PSU just like all
the other Shuttle XPCs. This location is very difficult to reach, but it does
not really matter if you do not plan on installing any floppy drives. In
addition, the BIOS can be easily flashed from within windows through a program
available from Shuttle’s website called Winflash.


The front of the mobo contains the dual PATA IDE connectors. In
addition, the dual SATA headers are located just right at the edge of the mobo
for easy access, together with the yellow clear CMOS jumper. The dual dimm slots
can also be easily accessed without much difficulty. A heatsink and fan is
needed to cool the Intel chipset as seen above.


The central portion of the mobo contains the cpu socket and
AGP and PCI slots.


The back of the mobo contains the SPDIF headers and also the
various connectors on the back of the panel.

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