The ram speed and timings can be set manually or by SPD.

Different options to configure the SATA. The SATA can be set
to run in either IDE or RAID mode.


There are many options to configure the fan speed, depending on
whether you want near-silent operation or temperature-dependent cooling or just
maximum cooling throughout.


The frequency/voltage controls allow a wide range of settings
for the hardcore overclocker. FSB ranges from 100 to 355fsb. The AGP/PCI/SATA
clock can also be locked at 66/33/100 MHz for more stable overclocking.


CPU Vcore options range from 0.8250V to 1.5875V in 0.0125V
increments. The voltage range is very wide but the highest Vcore possible is
only 1.5875V. Overclockers will be limited by the lack of higher Vcore options.


DDR voltage options: AUTO, 2.65V, 2.70V, 2.75V
AGP voltage options: AUTO, 1.55V, 1.60V, 1.65V