An overview of the case, with the usual "Shuttle" emblem and the
ventilation holes towards the bottom of the side panel.

The usual front panel connectors provided by Shuttle; Audio-in, Audio-out,
2 USB 2.0 Ports and 1 6 pin Firewire port.

2 70mm fans behind as exhaust. These 2 fans will not turn upon startup, and
will only do so when system temperatures starts to climb.

The rear IO connectors, jammed packed with ports of different
sorts, You’ll even find an external SATA-II port that will be used with external
SATA devices, do look out for them in the near future. Do note that an external
SATA-II connector is different from the conventional one, so it is not possible
for you to route an internal drive out, as you’ll require a different SATA cable

Shuttle did not forget including their External clear CMOS button, it was ported
to the top beside the exhaust because there’s simply no space left on the rear

Same for the firewire 6 pin connector, it was ported upwards due to the lack
of space on the rear I/O.