A bird eye’s view of the mainboard from the top.

Shuttle used passive cooling solutions for both the northbridge and southbridge,
so as to ensure quiet operation. This will also ensure that there will be no
chipset fans to replace due to failure.

The PCI-E x16 and x1 expansion slot. A pity that Shuttle included an x1 slot
instead of a conventional 32bit PCI slot, as PCI-E expansion devices are simply
still unavailable widely as of press date.

The Broadcom BCM5789 Netlink Gigabit PCI-Express controller.

The Creative CA0106 SB Live 24bit 7.1 hardware audio processor.

The VIA VT6037 IEEE1394a firewire solution

The 3 SATA-II ports found on onboard, the 4th one ported out to the rear I/O
as mentioned in the previous page

The fan shround, heatsink with its two fans.

the 60mm fan found on the heatsink front.

the 80mm fan found on the heatsink rear. Both fans are relatively quiet in
day to day operations when processor has low load.