The Shuttle SN95G5 uses the very popular Phoenix – AwardBIOS that we’ve seen in a good number of high end motherboards over the last few years.

The SN95G5 has one of the most comprehensive PC Health Status BIOS options I’ve seen recently. You are able to assess all of the vital voltages and temperature readings needed to ensure your system is running properly. Notice the Smart Fan option, an option in the BIOS that comes enabled by default and adjusts the SN95G5’s fan speed to the temperature of the system.

You’re also able to adjust the CPU multiplier in the Ratio/Voltage Control section of the BIOS, but overclocking SFF’s on their standard air cooling really isn’t all that practical.

What is always very practical is adjusting memory latencies, (since you don’t see too many significant increases in heat with aggressive timings if you use good memory) and you can adjust all the timings necessary for optimal performance in the DRAM Configuration section.