A 400W power supply ensures that you’d have enough juice for a Quad core and a high-end graphics card!

6-phase voltage regulation and all Solid Polymer caps provide juice good enough for any processor you can lay your paws on.

High performance graphics demands more power and Shuttle provides a 6-pin PCI-e connector for the card.

 Expansion Options

4 DIMM slots instead of the usual 2 allows for 8GB of memory madness!

4 internal SATA-II ports allow for 3 HDD’s and a SATA optical drive to be installed. For those who insist on keeping legacy equipment, Floppy and IDE connectors are provided as well. The PCI slot allows for a soundcard to be installed in addition to the graphics card.

A pair of drive caddys placed at the top allow for 2 internal disk drives to be installed.
The 92mm fan forms part of the thermal design of the case and directly exhausts hot-air from the CPU HSF.