Silk Road, the famed underground drug trafficking site, has been seized by the FBI, with the owner now also charged with multiple counts of conspiracy and even soliciting murder.


Ross William Ulbricht, Silk Road’s founder, generated over $1.2 billion in revenue, and netted $79.8 million during the two and a half years of operation.  Ulbricht enlisted the help of programmers and cryptographers to steer authorities away from figuring out the identities of the dealers, and did so successfully for quite a while.

The twist in this story isn’t that Ulbricht successfully warded off government authorities to help drug dealers (among other non-legal goods and services) make money, but that he allegedly also hired a person via his portal to “execute” a “liability.”


In a transaction which was reported to be 1,670 Bitcoins (or approximately $150,000), Ulbricht’s hit man supposedly took care of the “problem” and thus preventing the target from ever “blackmailing anyone again.”

Although the FBI has seized the main site, Silk Road’s forums are still up and running.

Via: Tech Crunch