A view at the inside from the top. As you can see there is a fan cage right
at the top, optionally for users to attach a fan here to draw cool air in or
hot air out.

You see the 5.25″ bays here.

The 3.5″ cage right at the bottom. You can see that there
is an 80 mm fan here to draw in cool air.

The fan here is another silent fan, rated at only 0.09Amps.

A view from the other side.

A view at the rear from inside. The CPU cooler cannot exceed 78mm in height.

Well that’s all for a first look. It does look very promising, with Silverstone
offering great flexibility that allows for standard Micro ATX boards and Standard
Power Supplies. So its the mini-size of an SFF with almost the versatlity of
a micro ATX desktop.

We’ll be putting in a real PC in a few days and testing out the thermal performance
of this case! So stay tuned!