I received the casing wrapped in a bag and uses the usual Silverstone bubble
form for protection. Personally I like this bubble form better compared to Styrofoam.
Staring at the Front bezel and you know that it is a Silverstone. I have always
had a liking for Silverstone casings but they always give me the “good initial
feel” factor until I really start to really analyze the casing.

Taking a closer look at the front bezel, the usual Metal Power button and Reset
button have a better feel compared to the other Silverstone Casings that I have
used. The front panel comes packed with I/O options inclusing 4x USB ports and
a 6 pin firewire port. The brushed aluminum finishing isn’t very fine but the
overall looks and finishing is very well done.

What I did not like about the front bezel was the rounded corners. I believe
the finishing could have been improved. The sides of the front bezel is a layer
of aluminum secured with 2 screws, you can see mismatch with the finishing.
The rounded area was uneven and the fitting of the main casing cover did fit
very well onto the skeleton of the case. The big gap just did not put this classy
designed case any justice.