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This Casing comes with 2 very low noise fans and 2 optional fan location catered
for better airflow. One is located on the top of the casing and the other just
below the PSU. The one below the PSU is actually a Cross blower which is similar
to the ones for the CoolerMaster Stacker but much shorter. Looking that the
perforated holes that act as Fan Grills I am sure we could secure a few 40mm
fans on this holes. The whole structure is reinforced with a steel beam across
the casing.

The PCI slots are only accessible when you remove the fan above the PCI slots.
The fan is held on to a aluminum frame case that is secured with 3 countersunk
screws. This makes the adding or changing of PCI cards very troublesome. Because
of this, you will not be able to use thumbscrews on the PCI slots.

Having 2 x 5.25” bays is such a luxury that is not usually seen on a SFF. Below
the 5.25” bays is an Aluminum frame that can accommodate 2 3.5” hard drives.
An 80mm fan is fitted onto this frame to cool the hard drives. In order to mount
any drives, the frame will have to be removed from the case. There are 2 locating
screws on the base of the casing that helps in position the frame and 2 screws
that secure the whole frame to the casing. When 2 HDs are mounted on the frame
it takes a bit of patience to fit the HDs and frame in to position.

There is some gap between the front bezel and the HDs frame. This space gives
you ample space for you to hide those messy wires. All the USB and Firewire
cables were well sleeved and fitted with standard full headers, kudos to Silverstone
for this. What I believe it will be nice of Silverstone to include an All-in-One
card reader like those found in the Shuttle P chassis.

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