small Silverstone Sugo SG 03 Review

Positioned to be the successor of the Sugo SG-01, the SG-03 was unveiled at Cebit 07 and has created quite a fair bit of attention. Today, the SG-03 lands in our hands, and in this very review we’re going to tear it apart and examine the innards for your viewing pleasure.

sst5 Silverstone Sugo SG 03 Review

The SG-03 on display at Cebit

We’re looking at a case that’s made to replace the SG-01, the miniature mATX form factor that many are looking to shift to to make more space for other aspects of their lives. The Silverstone Sugo SG-01 shoebox case is already very popular with many enthusiasts, serving many purposes such as a HTPC or a power packed desktop computer. The SG-03 is definitely bigger than it’s predecessor, but it definitely packs enough a punch for those who like small cases to get it. Interestingly, Apart from third party accessories, the SG-03 also comes with some pretty nice customized accessories for the case itself.

sugo pack v2 Silverstone Sugo SG 03 Review

The Sugo Bag for easy carriage of the Sugo series of cases

nt06 lite v2 Silverstone Sugo SG 03 Review

The NT-06 that fits the case precisely

More details in a while as I tear the case apart and try assembling a system with it. First, as usual, the specs.

35 Silverstone Sugo SG 03 Review


Aluminum front panel & 1mm aluminum body





Micro ATX



SST-SG03B (black)

SST-SG03S (silver)

Drive Bay


5.25” x 1    3.5” x 1


3.5” x 2

Cooling System


Optional cross-flow fan


1 x 120mm fan, 1200rpm, 21dBA
1 x 120mm fan, Optional

Expansion Slot


Front I/O Port

USB2.0 port x 2
1394 Firewire x 1
Audio x 1
MIC x 1

Power Supply

Optional standard PS2 (ATX)

Net Weight

3.5 kg


200 mm (W) x 360 mm (H) x 312mm (D)