Frontal View of the case with everything hidden. The side flanges can be released for access to the front panel ports.

The side flanges opened. Right here, you can see the USB, firewire and sound expansion ports on the left and the power & hdd activity LED and not forgetting a very small reset button on the right.


The back of the case.  On the top, you can see an additional PCI bracket holder that’s made specially to hold your fan controllers or additional expansion brackets that you might need in the course of your system assembly. That also means you will be able to fully utilize the remaining PCI slots for expansion devices if needed. Cheers to Silverstone for being able to conceptualize and implement such a useful feature. As you can also see, there is a elongated mount that’s customized to fit Silverstone’s very own Crossblower cooler as there simply isn’t any space available for any exhaust fan mounts. This is something that’s pretty tricky as the PSU is mounted sideways, meaning that system temperature will definitely be a tad high than any other system with a dedicated exhaust fan.

Meanwhile, even the included PCI bracket covers and the bottom of the case is perforated to maximize ventilation within the case.