The expansion mount is hidden by an additional bracket that protrudes out of the case, meaning that you’ll have to go one step more to mount your expansion cards. It’s a slight trade-off between inconvenience and a slightly shorter case which i doubt many would mind. I would have really appreciated it if Silverstone had used thumbscrews like those they provide for their side panels instead of just normal screws for the convenience of users.

About 50% of the side panel is meshed to maximize airflow, and this also gives users to mount their PSUs with the exahust fan pointing outwards, more on that later.

With the side panel removed,  you can see the very bare interiors. The additional piece of metal you see in the forefront is actually the side 3.5″ drive mount, which allows you to insert any 3.5″ device, anything from a hard drive to a floppy drive.

The 3.5″ drive mount removed.