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Silverstone TJ-10 ESA – Green Beam Glory

The enthusiast community has always regarded Silverstone cases as one of the best that’s available in the market, and modders are always on the lookout for Silverstone cases because of their modding potential. This time round, Silverstone pairs up with Nvidia to introduce their latest Tower case, the TJ-10 Enthusiast System Architecture (ESA) Edition. Pop right in to check out the diifference between this TJ-10 and the original TJ-10 right now.

The enthusiast community has seen how Silverstone sprouted from a startup to a premier designer of premium cases, which caters to gamers and overclockers alike. It has been a while since the ATCS design team left Coolermaster to setup SIlverstonetek, but they have always kept their credo at their fingertips, which is to perfect airflow in enthusiast cases. For the uninitiated, ATCS actually stands for Active Thermal Convection System.

The majority of their first generation cases balanced between functionality and aesthetics, as we can see from the TJ01, 02 and 04. The TJ03 is the odd one out, featuring E-ATX support, full aluminium chassis with a classy outlook. Silverstone has realised that the techies around the world are viewing them as a premium brand, and thus as of late, they are spending more effort to realise the potential of this market, rolling out the TJ07, TJ09 and subsequently, the TJ10.Over the years, we’ve also seen the company iron out kinks in order to perfect airflow, functionality as well as ergonomics on their cases, which is evidently shown on their latest creations, the Silverstone TJ09 and TJ10.

As of late, Nvidia and her partners have decided that it’s time to introduce a full feature set that’s catered to the enthusiast who is very concerned about their system, with the need to constantly monitor every aspect of their system, including voltage rails on their power supplies, fan speeds, temperatures of various regions in their systems. This led to the unprecendented launch of the ESA Technology, which stands for Enthusiast System Architecture. Apart from your usual CPU and case fans, the ESA system architecture also allows you to directly monitor voltage rails real time on power supplies, pump status on watercooling kits, chassis fans status via a special USB connector that is available on ESA certified devices. With the launch of ESA late last year, we have seen various chassis manufacturers rolling out ESA Certified Chassis, such as the Coolermaster Cosmos 1000 ESA and Thermaltake Armor+ ESA. Today, we will be taking a look at Silverstone’s take on ESA Technology with the TJ-10 ESA.

The forefathers of cases with stealthed doors, the ATCS-110, which led to the development of the Temjin TJ03, and subsequently the TJ10. Picture courtesy of 3dnews.ru

An overview of ESA, more information can be obtained at Nvidia’s ESA Microsite.

Some basic specifications –

ESA Spec

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