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SilverStone TJ07 Full Tower Case

Taking the side panel off reveals the all aluminum construction giving us an idea of the over all layout of this enclosure. Two 120mm fans are located at the top of the chassis, with two 92mm fans on the rear panel. SilverStone recognizes that removing heat is more important that moving air inside the enclosure, so both of these fans essentially remove the heat at the rear and from the top of the chassis. This greatly reduces over all temperatures through better convection processing. Looking closer you will not find a bunch of cheap-o rivets, sharp edges and gimmicky plastic parts, instead, SilverStone uses threaded fasteners all throughout the enclosure, while not emlinating every rivet, you will find that rivets are used in a very minimal way, mainly around the motherboard panel will you find rivets.

The all aluminum components are cold rolled and all edges are extremely smooth and rounded, you will not find a single jagged edge anywhere on this enclosure.  Another unique feature is the fact the main body starts out as a extruded aluminum panel just over five feet in length and is custom rolled into shape with press machines making the top, front and bottom, one single piece adding to the strength and over all integrity of the enclosure.


As we can see from the picture above there are two additional 120mm fans located at the bottom right of the chassis. This is the HDD cages, these cages house your hard drives and cools them by intaking cooler air from one side panel and exhuausting it through the other side, enhancing the over all cooling characteristics provided by all six fans. This is another innovative design that actually works very well and in effect signifcantly lowering the over all temperatures inside the case over other brands.

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