Brushed aluminium indeed makes this one hella of a good looking case.

Front panel jacks from the top, wire-meshed top vents for a water cooling radiator, side acrylic panel, slide out motherboard tray, thumbscrews, nifty fans. It’s got it all!

IMG 3457  Silverstone TJ09 Review

But wait! Whats that?

As you would have noticed, there’s a wire mesh by the side of the case.

IMG 3413  Silverstone TJ09 Review

What is it for?

Yea I know you’re clever, its a hard disk bay area supporting not 1, but 2! hard disk cages. And it has no connecting airpaths apart from the small gaps for the power and ATA cables to pass through. So that would mean that the heat from the hard disks would be isolated from the rest of the components. How isolated is it? We’ll tell you later icon razz  Silverstone TJ09 Review

The beast dissected.

IMG 3455  Silverstone TJ09 Review

Within the six walls of this baby, still, FULLY BRUSHED ALU! The case interiors are also painted black in some areas.

Workmanship’s not a problem still, fully removable motherboard tray.

Side intake for airflow in from the hole right next to the ISOLATED harddisk bays which means cooler and fresher air coming in once again without the heat from the hard disks.

IMG 3432  Silverstone TJ09 Review

And a usual ATX case placement for the outlet fan.

IMG 3422  Silverstone TJ09 Review