We’ve seen RFID payment systems and a slew of other RFID applications around your daily lives. VR-Zone brings you another installment of RFID frenzy with Silverstone’s latest product, the Treasure TS-01 hard drive case.

We’ve seen RFID being applied in many fields, including payment systems and access systems etc. Recently, Silverstone launched their latest storage product, the Treasure TS-01 2.5" external hard drive case. The distinct difference of the TS-01 lies in its RFID encryption ability. The hard drive case actually comes bundled with two unique RFID keys and without them, the system will not even detect the external hard drive, let alone reading from it.

The box

The aluminum case

The RFID authentication spot for you to tap your RFID pebbles on, additional 5V power, mini-usb and LED activity indicator.