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Well, seems like the latest 45nm quad cores from Intel that are based on Penryn have finally arrived.

Two models are available at time of publication – the Q9300 and the Q9450.

Intel Core 2 Quad Q9300

The Q9300 is a 2.5GHz part that runs on a 1333MHz system bus. However, compared to the other quad-core processors in the Q9000 family, Q9300 is the only one that offers 6MB L2 cache; the rest have the full 12MB L2 cache.

Intel Core 2 Quad Q9450

The Q9450 is clocked only slightly faster at 2.66GHz. Well, it is just a 0.5x bump to the multiplier to 8x, up from the Q9300’s 7.5x. Do expect slightly more improvements clock-for-clock since the Q9450 comes with the full 12MB L2 cache.


The Q9300 retails for around the SGD$ 460 mark, while the Q9450 is slightly more expensive at around SGD$ 540. The former can be found at Chamoxa and Cybermind, while the latter at Bell and Chamoxa.