Here are some memories that would surely tempt the enthusiast (and leave a big hole in your wallet later).

These are 1600MHz DDR3 memories, that run low latency 7-6-6- timings. OCZ’s special heatspreaders are slapped on this pair of memory to ensure better cooling under overclocking.

If you need to know the price, it is just below the $ 900 mark.






The Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2H could probably be one of the best value-for-money boards around, not only for users who want a mATX system, but also those who are looking to build a HTPC.

This board supports the latest AMD Phenom processors, and is equipped with the AMD 780G chipset, which has an integrated ATI Radeon HD3200-based graphics architecture.

Not only that, it supports ATI’s Hybrid Graphics Technology, allowing the user to combine both onboard GPU and a single PCI-E card’s GPU for increased performance. However, the PCI-E card used must be Hybrid CrossFireX certified.



Five SATA ports on the board opens up your storage options and capacity. And we have four USB 2.0 headers on the board itself, which allows for another eight USB ports.

This board goes for only $ 159 at Cybermind Computer House.








The Corsair HX series are flying off shelves due to reduced pricing by Corbell Technologies. The HX series comes with 5 years’ warranty.

One of the other reasons why it is attracting buyers is its 80Plus certification. All new batches of the HX power supplies are now 80Plus certified, which means the efficiency rating of the power supply at 20%, 50% and 100% loads are above 80%.





The HX series is modular. No more messy interiors caused by wires that cannot be tucked away.

The HX520 and HX620 can be found at PC Themes for $ 138 and $ 168 respectively. However, Fuwell (5th floor) does have a few pieces of HX620 at $ 168 too. Hurry before stocks run out again!


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