On a lazy weekend, VR staff took the weekend off and visited Singapore’s IT Hypermart, Sim Lim Square. Here are some of our interesting discoveries… Click to find out more!!!

Here are some of the more interesting products that we found in Sim Lim Square, First, we start off with the storage devices that caught the eye of our forum moderator, booest.

The 3ware 12port Full length IDE RAID card for servers

The Highpoint 1810A 4 port SATA RAID card, the scaled down version of the 8port 1820A

The Beantech Arc Full Aluminium Casing we found at Prolink-Data, Silverstone TJ-05 lookalike?

The Coolermaster ATCS-620 HTPC casing we found at the same shop. Functionality and class packed in this little monster. woohoo.