6 Sim Lim Square Walkabout 29th April

What’s happening this week at our favourite IT Mall? A new shop, new promotions and free gifts abundant… all featured in this week’s issue of the VR-Zone SLS Walkabout!

A new Accessory and Video CD/DVD shop just opened recently on the 6th floor of Sim Lim Square.

IMG 0032 Sim Lim Square Walkabout 29th April

Lots of accessories going for cheap prices, such as colorful and attractive-looking Lanyards going for a dollar each. Quite a variety of Laptop Bags available here as well.

IMG 0035 Sim Lim Square Walkabout 29th April

Movie DVDs going for half price… and quite a collection of Drama serials to browse through… worth a look if you’re a fan of Taiwan and Korean Drama Serials.

The signboard for the shop has not been set up yet, but it’s located right outside of the main lift.