During last’s week’s walkabout, we covered and featured ASUS
EN7600GS Silent. This week, a 2 other brands of PCI Express 7600GS video cards
have been spotted on the shelves.

We have the MSI NX7600GS and the Leadtek 7600GS TDH. The Leadtek 7600GS TDH comes with a minimalist heatsink fan

The MSI NX7600GS comes passive with a wide black heatsink to
spread and dissipate the heat. No fans on the card at all.

The PCB of the 2 7600GS cards are very similar however, and
both cards come with 256MB of DDR2 Memory. The GeForce 7600 GS series spot
8 pipelines and 3 Vertex Shaders and is clocked at 500MHz core and 1GHz memory
while the 7600GT has 12 pipelines and 5 Vertex Shaders clocked at 500/1000MHz
as well. A 7600GS will roughly outperform a GeForce 6600GT by 10-15%.

The Leadtek and the MSI 7600GS are both priced at SGD$ 249
and can be purchased from Bell Systems, #05-68 Sim Lim Square.