Step 2

Login by typing the default password: smcadmin. Then you should
see the following screen:

Figure 7: Home network setting page

Step 3

Now click on the Home network setting tab, then on the WAN settings. You would
be given some choices to choose type of connections (Refer to Figure 8). For
Singnet users, select PPPoE. For starhub users, then select Dynamic IP address.
For Singnet users, click on “More configuration”, you should be
able to see some options as shown in figure 9.

Figure 8: Connection settings

Figure 9: PPPoE configuration


Step 4

Under the Home Network Settings, click on Wireless. Click on Channel
and SSID
option. Then under the option SSID, change the default
to a suitable one. Then save settings.

Figure 10: SSID