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Simplicity at its best: Lancool PC-K62 Casing Review

The casing is very clean, with no trace of any branding on it except for a discrete ‘Lancool’ word on the top panel.

Still at the top panel of the case, the front edge has two USB ports, a pair of audio jacks, as well as the reset and power switches. Everything is easily accessible, but the downside of that is that the ports become a nice place for dust to collect.

If you like it tight, um I mean if you like to squeeze your casing into corners or below your table top, do note that the USB port is facing upwards perpendicular to the surface of the case. It might be a problem if you have height constrains as a normal sized thumbdrive will add 3-5cm, which simply means you need more clearance.

The top panel also slots large vents that are angled towards the back. Hot air does not get expelled directly up (an issue for those who like to put casings under their desks), but rather towards the rear.




No fanciful curves and whatsoever, just purely business here. The overall outlook gives the case a very sturdy feel, and indeed it is, being free from creaks, panels snap in tightly even though they can be removed without tools, and the main frame is very rigid.



Another nice touch is the vented PCI slot covers which are even painted in black to match the case color. Vented covers are definitely most welcome with today’s high-powered (and high heat output) components.


The PC-K62 adopts a straight-through airflow with the front of the casing being completely vented. But not to worry, there are air filters in place to trap much of the dust. Something worth mentioning are the individual 5.25″ bay front plastic covers, which blend in so well that the front panel looks one-piece. Good job here.

Perhaps some might feel that the screws should be painted black to give it a full black theme, but I guess leaving them in silver creates a somewhat industrial look instead?


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