Motorola Mobility, which is owned by Google will be ending their manufacturing operations in China and Brazil and allow Singapore-based Flextronics to acquire their manufacturing plants.

In a December 10, 2012 press release, Flextronics stated that the agreement is definitive and that Flextronics will be acquiring Motorola’s manufacturing operations in both Tianjin, China and Jaguariuna, Brazil.  "We are very pleased to announce today's agreement and expand our long-standing collaborative and successful relationship with Motorola Mobility," said Mike McNamara, chief executive officer, Flextronics. "We look forward to leveraging our extensive manufacturing expertise and supply chain solutions to provide Motorola Mobility with increased value."

The press release says that all of the assets and employees working at both plants will be transferring to Flextronics.  The agreement with Motorola implies that the deal will also give Flextronics a manufacturing and services agreement on the Android and other mobile devices.  The legal end on the deal should come to a close in mid-2013.

Mike Randall who serves as senior vice president, supply-chain and operations for Motorola Mobility, said that the agreement with the two companies is a win-win situation. Randall states, “Flextronics has been our partner for many years, and their expertise and experience in manufacturing will enable us to focus on other areas of the supply chain where we can add the most value.”

Flextronics is a Singapore based Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) company that makes electronics for aerospace, defense, automotive, consumer, medical and mobile OEMS.