Yes, AMD Athlon 64 will be officially launched next friday at Sim Lim Square. Computing willl never be the same as before with 64bit processors. Check them out!

18 Sep 2003 – Singapore – Come Build Your Bridge Between Reality and Imagination. Come on a journey with AMD as we transport you from today’s 32-bit reality and immerse you in the realm of 64-bit computing.

Your only limitation is your imagination. Witness the power and realism of 64-bit games, film and animation.

Join us at the launch of the AMD Athlon™ 64 processor. AMD and industry leading companies will usher in this new world of 64-bit computing on Friday 26 th September 2003.

Date: 26th – 28th September
Time: 11:00 am
-7:00 pm (Roadshow)
Venue: Sim Lim
Ground Floor
1 Rochor Canal Road
Singapore 188504