SingTel and Ericsson

SingTel and Ericsson have jointly announced their Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology trial, showcasing 42Mbps mobile broadband network (twice that of current existing 21Mbps speed). User can expect seamless experience when making phone calls, gaming, watching high definition videos and has 3D virtual mapping simultaneously.

Yuen Kuan Moon (above pic, right), Executive Vice President of Consumer for SingTel and Fadi Pharaon, President and Country Manager for Ericsson Singapore & Brunei, were at the event to talk about the collaboration to push LTE technology trial.

At the showcase, we saw a laptop connecting to a huge HSPA USB dongle that provides the 42Mbps mobile data speed.

You can literally do voice calling, real-time video viewing as well as streaming high definition movie, all at the same time without noticeable lag.

A SingTel promoter showing a demo on 3D Map navigation on a tablet computer.

According to SingTel, LTE will be launched in the second half of the year (at the time of Youth Olympics Games in July) and would be made affordable to consumers.