SingTel M1

Yes.. StarHub sent out the press release first. But SingTel and M1 aren’t too far behind as the other two telcos have also released their Apple iPhone 4 price plans. So which mobile operator are you signing up for the iPhone 4?

M1 was first to announce the Apple iPad price plan last week, but this week, StarHub was first to release their price plan for the iPhone 4, which is going to be in retail this Friday (30 July). Obviously, the other two telcos are not to be outdone and shortly after we got StarHub’s news, SingTel and M1 have also announced their iPhone 4 price plans. The price for the Apple iPhone 4 starts from S$0, depending on the price plan. If you are looking to own one, you may want to check the price plan and how much you have to pay for the phone.

Here’s a detailed comparison table for the price plans and iPhone 4 price of the three telcos:- (click to expand image)