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SingTel unveils technological goodies for the Youth Olympic Games

Every major event needs its own home page, if only to serve as a centralized location for information regarding the event. And this is also where the Singtel Youth Olympic Games microsite breaks the mould.

Intended to be a seperate entity of its own while still complimenting the official YOG sites, the Singtel Youth Olympic Games microsite offers a wealth of information regarding the upcoming Youth Olympic Games like the bios and videos of local athletes.

However, it also offers more than just information, and the key feature which seperates it from the official YOG sites is its capability to create a video montage to form a digital rendition of the well-known Singapore Wave.

Called the “Biggest Wave’ in the microsite, the feature allows visitors to make use of their webcam to record a short, four second clip of themselves performing a segment of the Singapore Wave, which will then be immediately uploaded to the servers for processing, with the end result as such:

According to SingTel, this feature will also be extended to schools in the form of a “Longest Wave” competition as part of the SingTel Inspires program, with the winning school’s clip being showcased in Opening Ceremony of the Games.

*The feature requires a webcam and support for Adobe’s Flash plugin.

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