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Siri gets snappy in response to long-winded questions

Apple has updated Siri to provide quotations that highlight the importance of clarity and being less long-winded any time someone decides to pose a question that it feels is too long.

Has anybody ever told you that you talk too much? Well, prepare for your own iPhone to do it if you decide to get a little wordy. Apple has made Siri respond to long-winded messages with a request to cut to the chase.

As for what could have spurred this change in personality for Siri, Cult Of Mac suggests that perhaps Apple wants to keep demand on the servers down in order to avoid some sort of congestion from Siri having to process too much information at one time. It could also be so that Siri has an easier time responding with something accurate, which certainly has higher odds of happening if the question is short and phrased clearly.

As you can see in the image above, Siri will offer you quotes that help share the virtues of shorter questions with as few unnecessary words as possible. Being succinct is a good skill to have, so we’ll chalk this one up as a positive change for humanity, or at least for iPhone users.

Source: iLounge Via: CultOfMac

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