In tandem with the launch of G.Skill’s latest high speed memory kits optimized for the Haswell platform, the memory maker invited pro-overclockers from around the world to participate in a live OC showcase at their Computex booth. At the end of the week, six benchmark/frequency world records were achieved with the help of their TridentX memory kits.


The Asus contingent, comprising of Shamino (Singapore) and Fredyama (Japan) with their ROG Maximus VI Extreme and Maximus VI Impact (ITX!!!) motherboards, dominated the charts by capturing the memory frequency (4283.2MHz), PI Fast (9.78 sec) and Super Pi 32M (4m36.672sec) world records. They were also aided in their endeavors by G.Skill representatives Hiwa (Switzerland), Christian Ney (Switzerland) and Young Pro (Australia).


One day later, EVGA’s graphics guru Vince “K|NGP|N” Lucido made two 3DMark world records (Fire Strike: 31125/ Fire Strike Extreme: 20089) using the his EVGA X79 Dark motherboard (Sandy Bridge-E) and a 4-way GTX Titan setup.


Finally, Gigabyte’s HiCookie used a Gigabyte Z87X OC and two GTX Titans to take first place in the classic 3DMark 05 benchmark.