Most students have skipped class at least once during their school term. Not exactly an uncommon thing, but schools do not tolerate such behaviour. With the advancement in technology, some education institutes these days have implemented a system making use of GPS to track down students who played truant.

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According to online reports, Anaheim Union High School District in California has participated in a pilot program which involves using Global Positioning System (GPS) technology, automated telephone reminders, and one-on-one coaching to cut down on truancy. The program is similar to the ones being implemented in Baltimore and San Antonio. Basically, students with over four absence without valid excuse will be put in this program.

Every morning during schooldays, students will get an automated phone call reminder them that they need to get to school punctually. Each day, they will need to enter a code that tracks their locations – when they leave for school, arrive at school, lunch hour, when they leave school and at 8pm. A coach will also be assigned to these students who will call them thrice a week to see their progress and help them find ways to make sure they are punctual in schools.

Luckily, this program is only available in some schools in US. Hopefully the schools here do not need to implement such system.

Source: msnbc

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