The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) will start next week, and despite recent downtime for Skype due to overloaded servers, the Voice over IP company will be unveiling their new iPhone video chat at CES 2011.

Skype is said to be unveiling their new iPhone video chat service at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which starts next week. The service will work on both Wi-Fi and 3G, unlike Apple’s FaceTime video-chat which only works on Wi-Fi, according to documents posted on – and quickly removed from – the Skype’s website FAQ section last week.

Users of dual-camera iPhones or iPod Touch devices can switch between the cameras during a Skype video call, but those with iPhone 3GS will have to rely on the rear camera. In addition, a Skype mobile client is also said to have been developed specifically for the Apple iPad.

Source: InformationWeek