Next, we take a look at the Dual Opteron Small Form Factor Offering from Iwill.
This little monster, based on the Nvidia Nforce 4 Professional SLI chipset,
is able to run a pair of Opteron Processors and 2 Nvidia Graphics Card on SLI
mode, now that’s what I call a mini workstation that packs a punch. Users will
love the compact look of this Iwill SFF along with the power it delivers for
your industrial applications.

PSU sticking out from the case, allowing heat dissipated from
the power supply to stay out of the casing.

CMOS reset on the back

The Iwill emblem on top of the heatsink

Very dense copper fins with 6 heatpipes. This heatsink is used
to cool both the Opteron Processors.

Big Heat-sink and a small fan for Chipset and MOSFETs

4 x SATA ports (but there just isn’t space for 4 SATA hard drives

Only Single slot cards are accepted in this SFF

2 x RAM slots accepting only DDR ECC Registered RAM

Wireless LAN is available onboard, an antenna is to be attached
to the link in the picture above

The small SLi link that comes with the SFF