Next up, we spotted some budget processors on the loose at Bell Electronics. First up is the LE 1150 Energy Efficient Processor by AMD.

2GHz, 256KB at 45watts. Suggsested Retail Pricing is unknown at the moment but we should be looking at a maximum of SGD$ 60 for this, tempting eh?

Next up, the Celeron 420 based on the Conroe-L core.

Single Core, 512KB cache which essentially means that this processor is the single core brother of the Pentium DC 2140 Processor. Selling for SGD$ 8X.

At the same time, it seems that Coolermaster has updated their Extreme Series of PSUs with new iterations, presenting the eXtreme Power Plus 460W and 390W power supplies! I’ve heard briefly from some sources that the power supplies are OEMed by Acbel, but don’t take my word for it! Budget power supplies at a cheap price, so do not expect the power supplies to be sleeved and whats not.

390W ratings

460W ratings