Well here it is again folks, the weekly SLS Walkabout, in our effort to prepare our readers for their weekend shopping. Featuring some interesting batteries, mainboards and other stuff. Read on to find out more!

Losing power? Check out these new offering from A.C.Ryan with their MobiliT batteries, fresh on the shelves of Mediamart Computers @ SLS!!!.

In case you were wondering, yes they are external batteries for various USB devices and Laptops… and its compatible with most laptops in the market now!

Multiple adapters included to suit your every needs 😉

Also check out the range of A.C Ryan harddisk enclosures, i’ll let the pictures do the talking.

On sale for $ 38.00 and $ 65.00. Even comes with a 10 bucks sakae sushi voucher!

Need a pointing device?

Logitech VX Nano Mouse, Offer at $ 128. All the above products and offers spotted at Media Mart , SLS Level 6.