Major smart TV makers worldwide are partnering up to push for Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) technology.  ACR will allow smart TVs to recognize video images and sounds, and retrieve specific content much quicker that the standard search method via text input or database browsing.

Samsung, LG, Sony, and Panasonic are all pushing for ACR, according to industry insiders.  Although there are no specific time frames as to when the brands will adopt the technology, ACR is expected to begin its piloting stage soon.

Aside from some of its more obvious benefits, ACR will also allow viewers to track down specific scenes in which a certain actor appears in.  Not only that, but the technology will also help broaden the experience between service providers and viewers.  For instance, information regarding an actor or TV personality will be much more easily accessible.  Meaning, people can search for things like the actor’s outfit, and then purchase those same gears online.

Source: Korea IT Times