Overclocking is all the rage these days and we are seeing some formidable brew at Foxconn, a laid-back OEM in the past. Someone sneaked into our office and left us a piece of puzzle we can’t fit together…

One morning we walked into our rats’-nest-of-a-test-lab and found a motherboard popping out of the waste bin that hadn’t been cleared in a day (not much rubbish, just empty coffee cans and cups, more emoty coffee cans and cups, and heatsink compound laced tissue).

Now who in the name of Shamino could leave a motherboard propped in a dustbin? How absolutely blasphemous! At the very least, the culprit could have done us TweakTown courtesy by writing a message along the lines of “we know who you are, you don’t need to know who we are, just enjoy the board.” Freaky, it was. Hardware being hardware, still gets the utmost attention from the Eccentric Editorial Elves @ VR-Zone.

Rare and rather lengendary.

Nothing less than a X48.

Connectivity options.

Storage expansion.