Right away one can notice that the QBIC Mania’s styling is far from your average small form factor machine. While typical SFF machines go for a clean-cut and square look, The Mania portrays a mix of American classic car and retro styling. The Mania
doesn’t only come in Blue, it can also be purchased in Black, Yellow or Red.

The sides of the case are are ventilated to allow airflow. Atop the case rests a piece of tinted, translucent plastic which we’ve nicknamed the “Sunroof.”

On the backside we can see the I/O Panel, rear of the power supply, Icy-Q blower exhaust and the wireless adapter’s antenna.

The front panel is equipped with: S/PDIF Out, Mic In, Audio Out, 2 x USB 2.0 ports and a firewire port.