GTA V Aliens

Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto series has always featured hidden secrets and easter eggs peppered throughout each game’s open sandbox world, and GTA V is no different.

Throughout our adventures and escapades throughout Los Santos, we’ve come across some pretty hilarious and memorable things; from Bigfoot to a creepy floating ghosts on the coast, these little secrets are a great way to entertain you and your friends.

GTA V Weird Painting

To help you find the locations of some of these secrets, Rockstar provides players with a rather cryptic painting that’s found beneath the platform of Mt. Chiliad’s highest point.

By itself the weird painting doesn’t seem to mean anything, but when it’s laid over GTA V‘s world map in a certain way, it creates a veritable treasure map for easter eggs.

GTA V Easter Egg Map

The painting itself is believed to be related to the game’s enigmatic alien quests wherein players have to collect all fifty spaceship parts to unlock the Space Docker vehicle.

If you’re the hardcore type who would rather have the locations pinpointed for you, be sure to head on over to Achievement and check out their dynamic interactive map that plots all of GTA V‘s easter egg secrets.

Finding things like this has always been a great past-time in the world of gaming, and players around the world continue to look out for more easter eggs and goodies strewn throughout Los Santos. Hunting for easter eggs can be tedious, but coming across something that’s never been discovered is well worth it–and let’s face it, scouring Grand Theft Auto V‘s virtual sandbox is entertaining in itself.

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Via Reddit, IGN