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Some of ASRock’s Z77 motherboards leak ahead of Cebit

We know far less about the Fatal1ty boards, but judging from the fairly low resolution pictures, the Fatal1ty Z77 Professional has a very similar slot layout to the Z77 Extreme6, but ditches the mini card PCI Express slot in favour of a x1 PCI Express slot. The board has also gained what we're guessing is two additional SATA 6Gbps ports and we're also spotting a PLX bridge chip hiding by the chipset heatsink. The PWM also appears to have extra power phases and there's no DVI or D-sub connector in sight here, but as for the rest of the rear ports, we're not entirely sure, but it appears to be a pair of Ethernet ports at least.

The Fatal1ty Z77 Professional-M is ASRock's first mATX Fatal1ty branded board and it looks like ASRock wants to try and steal some customers from Asus here. The board has three x16 slots of which we presume two are sharing bandwidth and are of the PCI Express 3.0 compatible type. There's also a single x1 PCI Express on the board, but this is likely to be mostly useless. Here we're looking at a full set of display connectivity options as far as we can tell with an HDMI and D-sub connecter present, but we can't see if the board has a DisplayPort or HDMI connector.  We're also down to a single Ethernet port and a more basic PWM design. Both of the Fatal1ty branded boards should also ship with Virtu MVP. More on this once we hit Cebit next week, unless there are some additional leaks ahead of the show.

Source: VR-Zone Chinese, PC Report Korea, CoolEnjoy.net

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