After coming back online after two days of downtime, Sony has implemented a new feature on the PlayStation Network that allows gamers to purchase content with their PayPal accounts.

Sony has launched a new feature which allows PSN members to use digital currency from their PayPal accounts to purchase content on the PlayStation Network's vast marketplace, opening up new doors for customer satisfaction and convenience.

Originally implemented in Europe, the new PayPal payment method has now spread to North America and offers gamers the chance to buy content with their digital wallets rather than pre-paid cards or credit cards.

To use PayPal to buy content on PSN, users must first sign in to Sony Entertainment Network's mainsite.

Once there, open the Account Management screen, then click the "Add Funds to Wallet" button, When prompted at the next screen, click the "Add Funds to Wallet" button again, and voilà.

The wallet's balance can be viewed at any time, and it appears that funds digitally transferred from a user's PayPal account into their digital wallets via PSN which can be used to buy games and other content from the PlayStation Store.

Perhaps sometime soon we will see Microsoft follow suit and offer PayPal as an optional payment method for Xbox LIVE content, but only time will tell.