Sony Japan has launched their new BRAVIA EX710 LED-backlit TVs which are energy and space saving, in addition to its stylish design and outstanding performance. The EX710 come in 32- and 40-inch and will be available from mid October.

Sony Japan has announced their new EX710 series LED-backlit TVs with energy saving performance and high image quality. Available in two models, 32- and 40-inch, both TVs sport a narrow frame design, small footprint and is also ergonimic; ideal for homes with constraint space. The EX710 also incorporate a “human sensor” that can automatically detect the presence of a user, and power off by itself when no user is watching the TV.

In addition, the BRAVIA TVs feature Flow Motion 120 Hz, which translates to 60 frames per second and is capable of reducing afterimage produced and provide sharp images. And with BRAVIA Internet Channel, you can enjoy a wide variety of content from the web.

Source: Sony Japan