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Sony announces super-slim red and blue PS3

Sony will be unloading some more PS3 hardware later this month, and this time around it’ll come in azurite blue and garnet red.  The issue, however, is that it will only be available for Japanese consumers—sorry, everyone else.

Priced at ¥24,980 (~$279), the blue and red PS3 has a super slim design, comes with a matching controller, and a 250GB hard drive in the gut to store your game data.  Interested consumers outside of Japan will probably have to purchase the consoles through specialized channels. 

Sony’s tradition of re-releasing hardware in a slimmer and more compact profile is not new—evident with the PS1 and PS2’s various releases.

PS3 sales have slowed down significantly as people are awaiting the release of the PS4.  Rumors about the next Sony game console have been flying wildly, but we’re expecting Sony to give people some official details of the next-gen PlayStation console at this year's E3 in Los Angeles, California.

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