Sony announces their plan to make 4K HD technology even more widespread through a collaborative agreement with FIFA.


The FIFA World Cup 2014 is already past approaching, and Sony, being one of the official partners of FIFA for this big football event, has decided to promote 4K HD technology by covering the entire event in 4K resolution.

The collaborative agreement with FIFA and Sony mainly includes recording the event using an array of Sony’s 4K HD equipment. In addition, the agreement also includes so-called “4K initiatives”, or multi-step programs ranging from the use of specialized equipment to a number of professional solutions, which would further boost Sony’s original objective of promoting the screen technology for the game.

The Official 2014 FIFA World Cup in 4K project won’t cover the entire event however, and it would only include a few selected games, though each selected match would be aired live in 4K. Specifically, the project would cover one match from round 16 (June 28 onwards), another from the quarter finals (July 4), and the finals match (July 13). After the conclusion of the event, the completed film will be available online through official 4K content distribution channels and services around the world.

Sony expects to be able to capture the football matches in more detail than any other previous FIFA World Cup event. The company plans to use every bit of their expertise in 4K HD recording technology to perfectly preserve the dynamic action of each game for this grand event.

Source: MyNavi (JP), FIFA