According to a recent update shared via one of Sony’s Chinese social media networks, the Japanese gaming giant is planning on revealing something quite prestigious during their official SCEJA (Sony Computer Entertainment Japan) press conference.

The big news has been described by Sony as “the news you’ve been waiting for”, and the company also promises some hefty surprises that go “beyond your expectation(s)”, leading many with wild imaginations to roam free.

Below is a translation of the original post:

“Finally, it’s coming to #TGS2013.

Like before, SCEJA will have a press conference before the game show. I could only say: The news you’ve been waiting for, and the information beyond your expectation will both be revealed officially.

So tomorrow, please do watch the live-stream and keep follow @PlayStation! Promise to bring surprise to you!”

Sony's upcoming PS4-branded VR headset is reportedly similar in form to their HMZ model released in 2011.

Sony’s upcoming PS4-branded VR headset is reportedly similar in form to their HMZ model released in 2011.

The conference itself fits in with the trend of major gaming companies holding pre-event affairs wherein various announcements are made, and in this case the conference will prepare the audience for Sony’s presence this year’s Tokyo Game Show (TGS 2013).

As far as the big reveal, we may see Sony unveil their official PS4-branded virtual reality headset which will reportedly be showcased at TGS 2013.

Other possibilities may include a Japan-exclusive peripheral or some sort of software or game reveal from a big-name publisher/developer–or maybe even a boost in the PS4’s hardware to counter Microsoft’s recent Xbox One CPU boost.

It will definitely be interesting to see what Sony has planned for the conference, and how the reveal will affect their substantial lead in the next-gen war. We’ve already seen Sony chronicle the PS4’s plethora of interactive functions, affording impressive capabilities including remote streaming with a PS Vita as well as linking the console with tablets and smartphones.

Shortly after the Chinese Twitter post went live, it was taken down–but a NeoGAF user managed to capture it before it was deleted.

In any case, viewers and gamers across the world will be able to watch the action and find out for themselves via Sony’s official livestream of the conference, which airs tomorrow, Sept. 9 at 7am BST.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated with coverage on the mysterious announcement as well as updates regarding this year’s Tokyo Game Show.

 Via The Sixth Axis, NeoGAF