Sony PSP Go

The Sony PSP Go was introduced in 2009, and less than two years, the company has decided to stop the production of the handheld game console, The PSP-3000 will still be selling though.

Sony introduced the PSP Go in 2009 which comes with a slide-out control pad and 16GB internal storage. There is also no UMD drive unlike its older siblings which means that if you already owned a PSP that has a UMD drive, you won't be able to play the games on the PSP Go.

Fast-forward to today, the company has announced that it has decided to stop production of the handheld game console to focus on other system such as the Next Generation Portable (NGP), according to Japan's Watch Impress. The current PSP-3000 will still continue to be produced and sold as normal.

The PSP Go is no longer available from the Sony Style Japan site.

Source: Watch Impress