Sony is testing out some new video streaming tech and they want your help. They've also discounted some movie titles to encourage people to test it out.

If you’ve ever wished that the video streaming on SEN (Sony Entertainment Network) was better than it is now, you may be in luck.  Sony has taken to their official SEN blog to announce that they’ve implemented “a new technology that will greatly enhance your viewing experience by providing you a more adaptive, faster stream whenever you rent a movie from the PlayStation Store on PlayStation 3.”

Don’t get overly excited just yet; they’ve also mentioned that before they roll it out completely they want to test it out and gather some feedback from users. They’re also encouraging people to try it out by dropping the price on some HD and SD movies. Sony offers the following steps take advantage of both the discounts, and the opportunity to provide your feedback:

  • Log on to the PlayStation Store on your PS3.
  • Scroll down to the Movies section where you will immediately find our beta test in the first section.
  • Rent one of the five movies for only $1.99 in HD or 99¢ in SD.
  • Fill out the brief survey that will be emailed to you after you purchase and watch the movie.

Seems easy enough. If you’re itching for some cheap movies and for your voice to be heard, this may be a good chance for you to get both done.

Source: Sony Entertainment Network Blog


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